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Time to learn Piano


Whether you're just starting out or have had lessons for a while, learning to play the piano can be the most satisfying and challenging thing you've ever done!

Don't leave it to chance- and if you've always thought you weren't musical enough, too old or just not cut out to play, think again.... With a little determination you could be playing the piano!

Time to Learn Piano is based in Gloucestershire, about 10 minutes from Junction 13 of the M5. Students generally live in the Dursley, Stonehouse and Stroud areas but some come from Cheltenham, Gloucester and villages towards Bristol as well as Wiltshire.

IT'S TIME TO BE PROUD OF YOU ALL AGAIN! 100% pass rate (of course!)

I've just heard that my ABRSM students obtained top distinctions- so well done Millicent and Jessica! Megan and Poppy did extremely well in their Prep Tests.

And well done too to Sebi, Mia, Abby and Katie- between them they obtained 4 distinctions and a merit in their Trinity singing and piano exams!

LCM exams result: are also now in:

congratulations to Amelia, Lucy, Beth, Paul, Anna, Dan L, Maddie, Milo, Ottie, Zaid, Jessica, Al and Matthew on their distinctions, Lily and Dan T on their merits and Andrew on his pass.


That means 82.6% of my students who took exams got distinctions! Wow! That is phenomenal!


I am currently making arrangements for autumn lessons and students will soon be sent their application form for allocation of lessons. If you want to start lessons, you will need to register as soon as possible as I only have 3 or 4 slots available after school/in the evening and a couple during the day.

We are also making adjustments to the summer timetable- I encourage all my students to take some lessons over the summer as otherwise students' progress ceases, and especially for younger students, they forget much of what they have learned. It's good to take a couple of weeks off for a holiday, but then get back into the routine of regular lessons.

The benefit of the monthly budgeting scheme I offer, means that you can access lessons over the summer without paying for  them, and the cost of lessons, exams and music is spread equally over the year. Please ask for more details.




100% distinctions for spring 2015 London College of Music exams. From prepreparatory- jazz grade 3: well done to

Alfie, Matthew, Ellie, Olivia, Mia, Nick, Paul, Daniel, Jessica, Milo, Isla


Benefits of learning a Musical Instrument:

Recent trends and research have resulted in dozens of books and hundreds of articles detailing the benefits of music lessons. Many of these focus on the correlation between learning music and brain development, reading ability, and math skills. And that's all very good.

The discipline, learning to work and focus and practise, conquering fears and nerves in performance: these are all huge, long-term benefits.

Less tangible but of inestimable value is the cathartic role music can play in the lives of our students, especially the teenagers. Music can be played and imagined and felt in whatever way is needed at that moment. It's a release of emotion. An ordering of thoughts. The simple shaping of a phrase - the height, the tension, and then the resolution  - mirrors stuff that goes on hourly or daily as part of life itself, no matter the age or stage.

To have the ability to express the joy and pain and simple pleasures and angst of life - without having to put words or labels on the emotions - is a gift, although possibly not recognized as such. Especially to reach a level of competence where note-reading and technique do not get in the way of the musical / emotional expression is perhaps the biggest benefit of and raison d'être for music lessons. Getting them - and us - through the stuff of life for which we may not have another language.

(Thanks to LaDona's Music Studio)


Why learn the Piano? 

(with thanks to http://pianoaddict.com/)

All I Need to Know About Life I Learned From The Piano  

If you find the keys to life you’ll do well
    Play the right notes and you’ll go far

    Be sharp about everything you do

     Sometimes being flat is OK, other times it’s not

    You should have technique in all your life

    Keep the important parts longer

    You don’t need to be loud to get your point across

    Some parts of life are soft

    Sound can tell a whole story

    Fingers should be nimble and so should the brain

    Take life slow at first, then speed up

    Put your whole self into everything that you do

    Think before you play or do anything

    Earlier pianos were upright like earlier in the day- later they were made horizontal like you are when you sleep

    Think before you play or do anything

    Outline before you write the final piece

    Notes in life should be clear

    If you don’t practice you’ll never get better

    Good form is important in everything that you do

    Outside appearances don’t matter, it’s the inside that counts


Trying to find a birthday present for someone?

Looking for the present for the person who has "everything"?

How about the gift of music? 

Music is uplifting, takes us out of ourselves, can be enjoyed in so many ways, and at the same time helps children develop their physical dexterity, reading, maths, handwriting as well as their imaginations. For teenagers it's a way to self expression without being in trouble with everyone , it teaches discipline and offers ways of sharing ideas and developing creativity. It also of course looks great on CVs and UCAS forms!

Learning the piano has been the best present I have ever given myself

For adults, it's a great way to keep brains active, is relaxing and therapeutic if you have a stressful job or just want some time out for yourself. For older people it helps stave off forgetfulness and helps slow down the development of dementia as well as keeping fingers nimble.

For a present that will last a lifetime and keep on developing, give piano lessons! We offer vouchers so that the recipient doesn't have to know about the cost..... (and you can keep topping up if you want to continue giving that present indefinitely...)




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