Singing is one of the most natural things in the world to do!

Catherine always loved singing as a young child- was chief "choirboy" in the nativity play, sang the title role in a musical at junior school, and always sang alto in school choirs because she could read music and hold a line... but no one thought about her having lessons.... When she went to Cambridge she  sang in chapel choir (for her supper- literally- you got a free meal at Hall after each service!) as well as a host of other choirs, and took a solo role in a contemporary opera. Since then has been involved in a number of musical projects.  Catherine took singing as a final year option at university and currently studies with Jill Burt. She has taken choral conducting courses and plans to continue her studies with this. She is a member of Sing for Pleasure.

Catherine  uses singing as part of her methodology of teaching piano, and has come to realise how much children and adults need opportunities to sing, which are not always available or encouraged elsewhere.She wants all children  to have fun and get involved in all kinds of music, and this is part of her plan to make it happen!


All the younger piano students sing as well as play as the methodology for Dogs & Birds is based on Kodaly's teaching methods, which include singing. She encourages everyone to have a go, and to get used to singing as part of aural excercises (which for younger ones are called music games!)

A number of her students are now learning singing as a separate subject- learning to stand, have good posture and diction, and learn about your voice is fun, interesting and helps with self confidence as well as meaning that you get better at singing!

She uses a number of examination boards for singing exams, depending on the student's interests and encourages learning to sing in all kinds of styles, as well as composing songs.






Latest News


Cam & Dursley Youth Choir for young people aged 11 and over.

Our first rehearsal is 11th November at 4pm at Cam Parish Council.


Previous News...

The first session was 3-4pm Sunday 16 September at Cam Parish Council.

All primary school aged children are welcome. If there is enough demand for a teenager session, we will run another group for them- so any teenagers who want to join should contact me!


The first session is free - then £1.50 a session or £10/full term (till December)


So if you like singing, or thought it might be fun to join a choir, then come along!


Bring a bottle of water as it's hot work singing - and be ready to sing anything from Gospel to Folk songs, Pop to Showtunes!


Please wear comfy clothes and shoes as we are likely to be moving around and not just sitting down!


For more information call 07868 028246, or e-mail