Benefits of older people learning in a group setting

So how do group piano lessons  work for adults?

I find older learners are very enthusiastic and keen to learn, they concentrate well in lessons and it’s great fun for me as well as them! So what are the benefits of learning in a group for older people?

For older learners the benefits of learning the piano in a nurturing and enjoyable social environment include:

stimulates brain activity and engages the mind
maintains healthy, optimal brain functioning
generates a heightened sense of quality of life
promotes stress reduction, relaxation and decreased anxiety
provides a social network and outlet, which may combat loneliness
facilitates opportunity for continued learning and participation in life
develops concentration
fosters a sense of confidence and pride from achievement

Frederick Timms Scientific study indicates the music making makes the elderly healthier (unpublished manuscript Michigan State University 1999)
Therefore it is of great benefit for older people to either continue learning the piano or taking it up for the first time! Why wait?

Group piano lesson for older people can take place in your home, or at my studio. If you have a group of friends (usually up to 4 or 5 people) who would like to have fun exploring learning the piano, and can commit to practising for 5 minutes a day, you can learn to play! You could learn to play on a keyboard if you don't have a piano- touch sensititve keys are best (so when you press hard it's louder) but you can still learn to play songs or even classical pieces on a basic keyboard. You need to have at least 5 octaves to stop it being too limited.

Long term my American colleagues find once students get to about grade 3 level they really need at least once every couple of months an individual lesson, but this is something we can factor in in due course (for instance one week every half term, students have an individual lesson for say 20 minutes) Realistically, for older people it is likely to take about 2 years to get to grade 1 and usually a grade a year thereafter.


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