want a piano? want to sell or give a piano away?

I know many of my students would love to have a piano but at present are learning on a keyboard.  There's nothing wrong with that when you start playing but as you get more proficient, not having either a really top of the range weighted keyed and with pedals keyboard will hold you back....


So I'm offering a free service to help put people in touch with each other- look at it as a dating site for pianos!


If you want a piano or keyboard then send me your contact details that you're happy to have on the website and tell me what you're looking for.


If you have a piano or keyboard you no longer want and wish to give it away or sell it, again send me details (I can only put very low resolution photos on the website though!) and they'll go up here!


All information to catherine@timetolearnpiano.co.uk


Have fun "trading"!

WANTED! Piano or keyboard for new student- total beginner! Please let me know if you have something suitable!

LEGAL NOTICE: Please note I do not take any responsibility for accuracy of information nor do I check the veracity of keyboard descriptions etc on this page of the website- I will only put on it what you send me and will remove it after 2 calendar months if you do not ask me to continue advertising.

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