If you're new to this site, or if you've returned to find out what's going on, welcome to Time to learn Piano's thriving piano and music studio. This academic year has continued to be amazing- so many students learning piano, composition and theory, singing ,a record 17 students getting distinctions this summer, more older students, including teenagers, those who have finished at university and retirees as well as people who fit in lessons between jet setting around for work. (how they manage, I don't know!)


***Currently my email link from here isn't working so please email t2lpiano@gmail.com***

Currently based in Coaley, near Dursley, I hope over the coming months, to move to Stroud. It's not easy finding a house that has parking, won't disturb the neighbours and is easy for the boys to get to school.... but I'll keep you posted, and as many of my students come from a relatively wide spread of places, hopefully it won't inconvenience you too much!


If you want a music teacher who is about the holistic side of learning- that you don't JUST play the piano, but become a musician, you understand the music you're playing/composing, you can play duets and sightread, you enjoy sharing your musical experiences with your friends and family- that's what the time to learn piano method is all about. We start with you, what makes you tick, how you best learn, the kinds of music you enjoy, and we develop from where you are. That's why I offer a really wide range of exam boards and syllabuses, you can do pop or jazz or classical, and you have fun!


I also use a wide range of methods and method books, although for very young learners (aged 2-7) I would always use Dogs & Birds which is a method children can use before they can read!


Yes we need to do technical stuff, but that's about making you a better musician, not just because some exam board tells you to.  It's about starting with you, and then the music you're playing. And of course, I'll want to introduce you to lots of other composers, styles and techniques but will provide the structured and encouraging support to get you there.


And this works whether you are aged 2 or 20 or 80, whether you are a total beginner or a returner, or have had some lessons previously.



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